Carina Biotech signs new development deal with Glytherix

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Australian companies Carina Biotech and Glytherix have signed an agreement to co-develop a potential new CAR-T therapy.

Under the agreement with Glytherix, Carina will use its CAR-T development platform to create and optimise a library of CAR-T cells targeted at GPC-1, creating jointly owned intellectual property. 

This is Carina's second recent commercial deal. It recently sold the rights to its first CAR-T cell to UK-based biopharmaceutical company Biosceptre.

According to Dr Deborah Rathjen, CEO of Carina Biotech, “We are delighted to have partnered with Glytherix, a company that shares our vision of defeating cancer. Carina Biotech has substantial experience in creating potent, targeted CAR-T cell-based therapies. Combining our knowledge and expertise, we believe will lead to the identification of a GPC-1-targeted CAR-T cell that is effective in killing a range of cancers.” 

Dr Brad Walsh, CEO of GlyTherix said, “We are excited to commence our CAR-T development program with Carina Biotech, whose expertise, track record and experienced management made it an easy choice. We are looking forward to working together on this unique target with a view to making a difference in the lives of cancer patients, particularly those with currently limited treatment options.”