Conference 2019 - 'The next negotiation'

The date, theme and location for the 2019 PharmaDispatch conference have been set.

The conference will be held in Sydney on Monday 20 May 2019 at Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf.

Next year's event follows the success of the inaugural PharmaDispatch conference. Over 200 people attended the one-day event held in Sydney in May.

The theme of the 2019 conference is 'The next negotiation'.

The timing of the conference is deliberate to ensure it is held in the aftermath of the federal election. 

Next year will be seminal for the pharmaceutical sector with a range of events and factors certain to impact its environment and strategic direction.

Next year will also see be the precursor to what is certain to be a very big 2020. Negotiation of the Seventh Community Pharmacy Agreement should start in earnest during 2019 and, if history is any guide, it will impact and have enormous ramifications for the entire pharmaceutical sector.

The sector could be impacted by a range of other issues in 2019, including planned reforms to the supply chain payment system, the community service obligation, changes to listing processes, PBS cost-recovery, and post-Brexit trade negotiations with the UK and EU.

The 2019 PharmaDispatch conference will focus on 'negotiation'.

How will the sector's different players be positioning their organisations and members in 2019 and especially in advance of 2020? What are the opportunities, risks and drivers, and who will be the key influencers?

Confirmed speakers include Joseph Damond from US-based Bio and former senior US trade negotiator Barbara Weisel.

It also includes chief executives from key industry associations with a very significant interest in the election outcome.

It has been decided to include chief executives because they will be the people dealing the with the day-to-day reality of the post-election period, including what the future holds for their sectors and the wider health sector, based on the election outcome.

They include:

  • Ian Burgess, Medical Technology Association of Australia;
  • Lorraine Chiroiu, AusBiotech;
  • Dr Rachel David, Private Healthcare Australia;
  • David Quilty, Pharmacy Guild of Australia; and
  • Liz de Somer, Medicines Australia.
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