Conference 2019 - 'The next negotiation'

PharmaDispatch 2019 will be held on Monday 20 May 2019 in the Ballroom at The Establishment Hotel in Sydney (252 George Street).

The one-day conference will focus on 'negotiation'.

How will the sector's different players be positioning their organisations and members in 2019? What are the opportunities, risks and drivers, and who will be the key influencers?

The Establishment Ballroom, on level 2, is a larger room that holds 300 people. Over 200 people have already registered for PharmaDispatch 2019.

There is a heavily discounted registration for patients and patient representative groups. Please contact for more information.

The event opens for registration at 8am with tea, coffee and other refreshments.

The conference is based on mediated panel discussions without any formal presentations. It is timed for the period around or more likely immediately following the federal election.

The 2019 federal election - what now?


A discussion on the post-election political environment involving leaders of some of the health sector's key representative groups, including Liz de Somer from Medicines Australia, the Pharmacy Guild's David Quilty, AusBiotech's Lorraine Chiroiu, Dr Rachel David from Private Healthcare Australia and Ian Burgess of the Medical Technology Association of Australia.

Professor Andrew Wilson


A 1:1 discussion with the chair of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee.

Break: 11.10am-11.40am

Trade agreements and negotiation - past, present and future


The panel will focus on trade and negotiations. It features Joseph Damond from US-based Bio, former senior US trade negotiator Barbara Weisel, and AstraZeneca's director of government affairs Kieran Schneemann.

Lunch: 12.40pm-1.40pm

The future of the pharmaceutical supply chain


A panel on the future of the pharmaceutical supply chain featuring DHL's Saul Resnick, leading pharmacy compounder David Slade, Carlo Montagner from Specialised Therapeutics Australia, Sigma Healthcare's Mark Hooper and NostraData's Mike da Gama.

The future of the supply chain has become one of the most contentious areas of pharmaceutical policy with debate over exclusive direct distribution and the stalled reform of the payment system.

The market access challenge (Sponsor: Health Technology Analysts)


A panel that will discuss the challenge of market access (More to come).


Break: 3.30pm-3.50pm

The future


A panel of pharmaceutical sector leaders features AstraZeneca's Liz Chatwin, Andrew Carter of Commercial Eyes, Belinda Wood from the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, and one of Australia's foremost experts on pharmacy Bruce Annabel.

They will discuss the future, how the environment is evolving and what we should now expect in the years ahead.

Cocktail event and event close


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