Pfizer makes its CBD move


Welcome to 'MyPharmaSpace' - a new section in PharmaDispatch. It is a platform and showcase for the current and future workplace for people working in the pharmaceutical industry.

MyPharmaSpace will focus on the day-to-day experience of people working in the industry, now and into the future, reflecting on the issues that matter and impact.

The new section builds on last year's focus on 'flexibility' and debuts in 2019 with part one of an exclusive video review of Pfizer's new office in the Sydney CBD and its 'agile' approach to working. The company completed its move from its former headquarters in Sydney's West Ryde late last year.

Part one features a tour of the new 'bespoke' Barrack Place office with 'vox pops' featuring some of the company's employees, including managing director Melissa McGregor.