New Australian product partnership between Sandoz and Mayne Pharma

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Sandoz has announced a new partnership under which Mayne Pharma will provide exclusive rights to promote, sell and distribute its pain and hypotension medicines in Australia.

Sandoz will distribute the Mayne Pharma products, oxycodone and metaraminol, in Australia.

Oxycodone is indicated for short-term management of severe pain for which other treatment options have failed. Metaraminol is indicated for the prevention and treatment of the acute hypotensive state occurring with spinal anaesthesia and as an adjunctive treatment of hypotension.

Sandoz said the partnership complements its portfolio expansion as a standalone entity following its divestment from parent company Novartis and supports Mayne Pharma’s growth strategy for its Australian products.

“We are incredibly proud of this significant milestone at Sandoz. Our partnership and collaborative efforts with Mayne Pharma reinforce Sandoz’s purpose and ongoing commitment to pioneer access for patients worldwide," said Clint Holland, the general manager of Sandoz for Australia and New Zealand.

“Following our divestment from Novartis, Sandoz’s purpose remains unchanged, and we aim to fulfil this on both a local and global scale by becoming the world’s leading and most valued generics and biosimilars company. The Mayne Pharma partnership represents a component of our growth strategy as an independent entity.”

The general manager of Mayne Pharma, Grant Swart, added, “Our relationship with Sandoz is aligned to our longer-term growth strategy where we will look to establish mutually beneficial relationships with our partners. Oxycodone and Metaraminol are both well-established products in the Australian market and this new agreement will ensure increased availability for patients. We look forward to a successful long-term partnership with Sandoz to provide greater access to medicines for patients.”