Companies recognised in 2019 'Best Places to Work' study

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Biopharmaceutical companies have been named in the list of 2019 Best Places to Work at an event in Sydney lat night.

In the study conducted by the consulting firm, Great Place to Work, companies were recognised based on a range of criteria and indicators that are measured according to employee feedback.

AbbVie made the list for the seventh year in a row, ranking fifth for companies with 100 to 999 employees, behind medical device company Stryker, Canva, Intuit Australia and OMD Australia. 

Lundbeck also made the list, ranking twelfth for companies with under 100 employees - category topped by Avenue Dental, LogMeIn Australia and Insentra.

“This is the seventh consecutive year that we have been recognised in the Great Place to Work Best Companies List and it’s something that we are very proud of because it’s evidence of the wonderful culture that all of our employees create and conserve,” said AbbVie's Kirsten O'Doherty.

“Our employees consistently tell us that they treasure our culture of inclusion and our focus on health and wellbeing. We value diverse perspectives and ways of thinking and we recognise that employees are at their best if they have true flexibility to ensure they can easily integrate their personal and professional lives.

“Our results also demonstrate that it is the alignment to our vision that keeps employees so engaged. We each come to work knowing that we are going to contribute towards creating a remarkable impact for patients and that is something that motivates and inspires us to go above and beyond.”

Lundbeck managing director Michal Juul Sørensen said, “Inclusion in the top Best Places to Work is validation of the positive environment and opportunities we provide and I’m extremely proud of the fact that Lundbeck’s employees across all business units feel passionately about their place of work.

“The focus of everything we do is to restore the brain health of patients so every person can be their best. Our aim is to do this with respect, courage and passion, bringing all of our expertise and heritage to bear to improve peoples’ lives. I believe this has contributed to an internal culture in which Lundbeck Australia’s people thrive and find fulfilment in their jobs.

“To match the growth of the Lundbeck Australia business we have recently increased the size of our workforce and it has been gratifying to have been able to attract outstanding candidates along this journey. In accordance with our values, we prioritise measures to encourage balance between home and work and to make our workplace one which is supportive as well as fun.”

According to Meryl Atkinson, who has worked at the company for three years, “Lundbeck Australia has a fantastic culture that enables people to do great, meaningful work and genuinely enjoy making a contribution. The company is ethical, forward thinking and passionate about improving outcomes for patients. I’ve seen transition through many stages of the company’s growth, and it only gets better. Lundbeck is most definitely a great place to work and I’m very happy to see Lundbeck Australia recognised in this way.”

Mona Taouk, a member of the medical affairs division said, “I love working at Lundbeck because it provides me with the opportunity to do a job I find meaningful in conditions that are motivational, with colleagues that are inspiring to work with."